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Home Based Business, Organic Skin Care

"Turn Your Passion For Organic Products Into An Income"

Here is your chance to leave the rat race behind and work for yourself from the comforts of your home. Are you ready to make the move? Now is the time and this is the location. This is your chance to make a living working from home, doing something good for yourself, for your family and the environment.

If you are passionate about health and organics why not take advantage of an ethical and flexible home business opportunity based on our world leading organic products.

You can become a ONE GROUP independent representative and grow a distribution network for our certified organic products using flexible options to help you connect with the increasing numbers of people who are looking for healthy and organic alternatives.

Want to know more? Please explore this site, but to really understand this opportunity and how it can work for you please CONTACT US to discuss it further. Ideally email a phone number (with area codes) and a suitable time for us to call. Once again if you decide that you are not interested in our business opportunity but want to become a customer of our products, you can place and order on this website or our sister site.

This is an opportunity for you to work part time or full time to grow a home business. It is an organic opportunity that supports health and environmentally sustainable agriculture. It is based on a flexible MLM or network marketing model combined with a no hype culture of "providing service" and being of service.

Our business is education focused, so rather than traditional "sales skills" it requires an ability to communicate, listen and be of service to people who are looking for a healthy and green options. If you pursue this opportunity our successful and supportive team will help you get off to a fast start with full and professional training, you need no previous experience, just integrity and enthusiasm!

Find out more with the information below, but you can also view an excellent five minute audio presentation about the business opportunity (the presentation will open in a new window).Miessence, MiVitality (inliven) and MiEnviron are produced by ONE Group and represent a growing range of pure and organic products. Our range includes almost one hundred organic, pure and potent products. We have created the first comprehensive range of products to be certified organic to food industry standards by independent third party bodies.If you wish to use them for personal use you can ORDER & VIEW ALL OUR ORGANIC PRODUCTS or by going to our sister site by clicking here. But why stop there? Read on to find out more about our organic home based business opportunity.

You can also view an excellent five minute audio presentation about the business opportunity (the presentation will open in a new window). So, what are you waiting for? Send us an email to see how you can get started today.

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