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Organic Skin Care Products

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that some of the major skin care and cosmetic make-up companies are using harsh chemicals in their organic skin care products.

Have You Been Lied To About Your Organic Skin Care Products?

It has now been reported that many of the major skin care and cosmetic make-up companies consider anything that has carbon in it to be organic.. Let's analyze this, over several million years, leaves fall to the ground and become a product which is called oil. Companies drill in the earth for this fossil fuel and because this fossil fuel has carbon in it, these skin care companies are using these toxic chemical in their products and calling them ORGANIC.

A recent article stated that it is rumored that the US Government may be taking action against skin care products companies by forcing them to label their products as they did with the cigarette companies. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I find this frightening. We are being mislead as to the products that we are purchasing to use on our families.

Check your labels when purchasing any organic product and check to see if the USDA has certified this product as being organic.

The skin care products that you will find on this website have been certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) - to the highest organic food standards!

Organic natural skin care products have been around for some time but they are just recently becoming main stream products. You can find organic skin care for man or woman product lines at most major shopping centers. What I have to warn you about is that you must read the labels. Know what you are purchasing and what that organic skin care product contains.

We have a lines of organic shampoo, organic soap, organic makeup, and much more.


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